Frequently Asked Questions


How long has MacSpeedy’s been in the courier business?

MacSpeedy’s has been in operation since March, 2014, when we started with one bike and one driver, delivering errands locally within Lusaka.



Are you VAT registered?

Yes, MacSpeedy’s is VAT registered. For details on VAT, you can contact our accounts department: accounts@macspeedys.com.




What else do you do apart from local deliveries?

MacSpeedy’s handles international imports and exports as well as deliveries nationwide throughout Zambia.


Do you ship from South Africa? If so what are the rates and how long does it take?

Yes, MacSpeedy’s ships from SA. Express parcels take 1-2 days to arrive at KK International Airport. Collections may require an extra day or two depending on the availability of the shipper from whom we are seeking to make the collection.


How do I register as a customer?

Registering is easy with MacSpeedy’s. Simply go to our sign-up page here, and fill in your details including address, e-mail and phone. Once you’ve registered, you are ready to ship!


How long does it take for Macspeedys to get back to clients upon inquiring for International shipments?

We strive to respond at least within 24 hours to any e-mail inquiries. However, if for some reason you have not received a response in that amount of time, please call the international department directly to follow up on your shipment: 0967-805-382 or 0962-111-787.


What is required to open a business account?

Business accounts are handled through our accounts department: accounts@macspeedys.com. Contact us or one of our sales representatives, and we will meet with you to get to know your business needs, anticipated volume, etc. Then, we’ll prepare a service contract and enter you into our business account database.


How long does it take for my parcel to arrive?

The following are transit times for our most frequent collection points:

UK Online Shopping: 5-8 working days

USA Online Shopping: 6-10 working days

UK Express: 2-5 days

EUROPE Express: 3-5 days

USA Express: 3-5 days

South Africa Express: 1-2 days

South Africa Online Shopping: 5-8 working days

China Online Shopping: 12-15 working days

China Express: 3-6 days


What is your correct mailing address?

Our Mailing Address is:
MacSpeedy’s MML

204B Provident Street


Lusaka, Zambia



What are your hours of operation?

Monday to Friday 7:30-17:30

Saturday 8:00-13:00

Closed on Sundays