General Terms and Conditions of Service

MacSpeedy’s will use every reasonable endeavor to ensure that the Collection Times and Delivery Terms above are adhered to.

MacSpeedy’s will make every reasonable effort to ensure the safe delivery of all items collected. MacSpeedy’s is responsible to maintain insurance covering goods in transit, which may be claimed if the client’s items are lost or damaged. No other guarantee is attached to goods in transit, and reimbursement is subject to the approval of MacSpeedy’s in conjunction with its insurance provider.

Packages are limited to 20kgs in mass and dimensions of 50cm for motorbike transport.

MacSpeedy’s does not carry cash or goods exceeding in value US$5000.

The Customer does not carry explosives, firearms, or illegal drugs, and the Customer indemnifies MacSpeedy’s against any loss or damage to persons or property occasioned as a result of the carriage of such items.

Where a Special Service is offered, it is subject to the availability of the Designated Employee (if any) and MacSpeedy’s cannot be held liable for loss where such employee is unfit for work in terms of his agreement with MacSpeedy’s. In such circumstances, the Customer will be informed of the Designated Employee’s unavailability and every effort will be made to limit the inconvenience caused to the Customer.

MacSpeedy’s makes no warranties other than those expressly stated herein, if any.

MacSpeedy’s undertakes to keep confidential all information obtained from the Customer under this Service Contract except as may be required by law and all employees are required to accept such confidentiality obligations which obligations shall survive the termination of their employment with MacSpeedy’s.

The Customer is responsible for correctly packaging and addressing all items to be delivered and any failure in this obligation which results in loss or damage to any Item or packaging will not be the responsibility of MacSpeedy’s. Furthermore the Customer may be required to pay an additional delivery fee where additional expense is incurred by MacSpeedy’s as a result of an incorrect address being given.

The Customer shall pay the Package Cost and any Additional Charges within the time limits specified above. Late payments shall attract interest at the StanChart kwacha rate as at date of invoice until date of full payment.

The Customer warrants that the Authorized Contact Person and Alternate Contact Person named above have non – exclusive authority to communicate instructions to MacSpeedy’s and undertake all dealings with MacSpeedy’s on behalf of the Customer.

This agreement including any specifically mentioned and incorporated documents and invoices constitutes the entire agreement between the parties

The unenforceability of any provision of this agreement shall have no effect on the enforceability of any other provision herein.

This agreement is governed by the laws of Zambia.

The parties will endeavor to resolve any dispute arising under this agreement amicably.

MacSpeedy’s may subcontract its obligations under this agreement to a third party with the consent of the Customer which consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

This agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts each of which when executed and delivered is an original, but all the counterparts together constitute the same document.

This Service Contract may be terminated by either party giving to the other written notice of intention to terminate of at least one month and the Service Contract will then terminate at the month end following expiration of the notice period.

Additional International Shipping Terms and Conditions

  • Rates quoted are subject to change at the discretion of MacSpeedy’s MML.
  • Payment is due upon arrival at our facility in the country from which shipment is made.
  • Parcel weights are rounded to the nearest 0.5kg.
  • Shipments must be adequately packed and either delivered or posted to the address above.
  • Rates do not include customs surcharges and other fees that may be incurred on certain items upon arrival in the Lusaka.
  • MacSpeedy’s recommends insurance for High Value Items (over $300 in value). It is the responsibility of the client to notify MacSpeedy’s of any high value items being shipped, and to obtain insurance for said items. Insurance can be purchased through MacSpeedy’s MML or from an outside source. MacSpeedy’s MML is not liable for damage or loss in transit of any uninsured goods.
  • Please note the volumetric weight will apply to all parcels which is calculated as Length X Breadth X Width (in centimeters) / 5000.
  • The maximum weight of individual shipments is 30kg. Parcels over 30kg are considered air freight, and require a separate quotation and handling fee. Please consult our International Shipping Department for details on such shipments.
  • Payment may be made via electronic transfer, cheque or cash. Cheques should be made out to: MacSpeedy’s MML
  • Failure to pay shipping costs within 48 hours of the arrival of the shipment/parcel in Lusaka will result in the assessment of additional charges to the client at a minimum of 5% of the shipping costs per month. In the case of international consignments where the total shipping cost, including customs charges, exceeds K10,000, demurrage shall be charged at a rate of K650 per day.
  • Parcels left uncollected for more than 60 days shall be regarded as abandoned, and ownership of said parcels shall revert to MacSpeedy’s MML for the disposal and/or sale of the same, at the sole discretion of MacSpeedy’s MML.
  • Any exception(s) to the above terms must be pre-approved in and signed by both parties.